It's time to get a little personal.

This session is so much more than gorgeous photos. This is all about diving deeper into self-love and releasing your full empowerment. I have put together some questions that will hopefully help you journey deeper into yourself and help you recognize that you are a total Goddess. When we truly begin to tap into deeply loving ourselves, all kinds of wonderful things begin to happen.  We begin to shift our paradigm and in turn, we start to live a richer more fulfilling life and become a magnet for love and positive energy.

Everyone is fully deserving of self love, but so many of us fail to recognize its true importance and impact. Wherever you find yourself on this journey, I want to give you major props for taking steps toward becoming the best, most amazing version of yourself.  So...Let's get empowered!   

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If a question does not make you comfortable, don't answer it! Simple as that. 

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Boudoir is AMAZING and each photographer will run their sessions a little differently. If you have not yet noticed, I put an extremely heavy emphasis on empowerment and self-love. So if whether you have done a session prior to this or if this is new to you, I can promise you a personal and powerful session that will leave you feeling like a total empowered goddess!

 I want to challenge you in the days leading up to our session, to give yourself some extra attention. Take time each day to practice some act of self-love . Read a book, take a warm bath, use essential oils, meditate, take a nap...whatever makes you go "ahhhh".   Look at yourself as the most badass, amazing Goddess that has ever graced this Earth...and then spread that love and empowerment to the women who surround you.

I cannot wait to see you in the studio!