A low stress guide to getting the very most out of your session


What to wear

The #1 most frequently asked question!

Picking an outfit should not cause you stress! I put together some tips to rocking your wardrobe selection! First and most important is COMFORT! I am all about comfort.  It is 100% possible to be totally comfortable and still look like an amazing goddess! If you are feeling uncomfortable in your outfit, that will translate in your photos and we don't want that. What we do want is for you to feel amazing! Choose something that is comfortable but still showcases your belly.  

I LOVE the way long dresses photograph. They are figure flattering and provide movement that can add great dimension to your images. They also elongate the body. Choose colors that you feel good in and that compliment your skin tone.  Stretchy fabrics that conform to your belly are also a great option.

Colors I love are: mustard yellows, rust oranges, deep reds and other deep earth tones, deep floral patterns, delicate pastels such as cream tones, blush and light blues.

Here are some color pallets that I LOVE…

Things to avoid: I would try to avoid very bright or florescent colors, or items that have stripes or bold patterns...as they can accentuate areas of the body in a way that does not photograph well.

Adding a belt just under the bust helps to highlight your smallest point and adds beautiful curves to your figure

Undergarments Matter, Too!!

Lines from your undergarments may show up on film, so choose the appropriate underwear when putting your maternity photo outfits together. There are “seamless” panties available and some shape-wear will also help smooth out lines. Also make sure you wear a properly fitting bra that completely covers your bust and doesn’t allow for “spillage.” If your undies are going to show on purpose (boudoir sessions) choose ones that you absolutely love! Panty lines will not matter in these shots!

For “Glowing Goddess” sessions: I love anything with a sheer element to it, I am obsessed with the way long, cotton dresses photograph. Also a big cozy sweater and knee high socks is an adorable but sexy look. Please know that you can bring multiple options to your session and I will be happy to help you choose what I feel will work best.

Details and accessories: I love adding blankets, shawls or robes to an outfit to give it an extra element, Henna tattoos look gorgeous on a belly if that is something you like. Flower Crowns are always a stunning accessory as well

If you are looking for a real and gorgeous crown, check out one of my favorite local florist, Emily Rose…


If you are someone who wears lots of jewelry and accessories, feel free to bring those favorite items to your session! This is a reflection of you!

My style of photography gravitates more towards lifestyle/ gently posed images. I try to avoid the use of props in my images as they do not fit with what I am trying to portray. I like to showcase YOU!

Breastfeeding images: There are not many things more beautiful than this...If you are bringing your little ones to a session and want some breastfeeding shots, I happily offer these and highly encourage them. For These images, I love a long cotton skirt with nothing on the top expect for your beautiful baby. I have some private outdoor locations if you are interested in these gorgeous lifestyle images.

**There is a great selection of dresses on Amazon that a number of my clients have utilized.

Here are some of my favorite styles:


Prep your canvas!

I do offer hair and makeup at as an add on to any maternity collection, weather you are taking advantage of that or not, it is always a good idea to “prep your canvas”. Drinking lots of water and exfoliation and applying lotion to your skin on the days leading up to your session will give you an extra glow.

Also mindfulness prepping is always a great thing. Meditation or relaxation practices can help you feel calmer and more at ease. This will all translate in your images.

Know that you are beautiful and make sure to remind yourself of that everyday! Practice some extra self love.


Prepping the Family:

I know that this can get overwhelming for some....BREATH... The beauty of lifestyle photography is that it is more geared towards natural moments. I know that lots of posing can be hard for little one(s)... (and partners). I am pretty damn good at providing a low stress environment that everyone can feel comfortable in.

Make sure everyone is well fed and bath-roomed. Bring along a favorite toy of blanket for your little(s) if you feel they need it.

outfits: make sure once again that everyone is comfortable. Try and pick items that coordinate and compliment but don't feel the need to get super matchy...For men, a nice button down or sweater and some dress pants are always a safe bet. Also avoid very bright and bold colors, logos, or heavy patterns, as these can all be distracting in an image. It's always nice to accessorize with belts, nice shoes, bows etc...

Before Your Session

Lotion up : Add to your radiance by lathering up with a nice, luxurious lotion about an hour or two before your session. This will minimize any redness or dry skin. It will also keep you more comfortable if you’re dealing with itchy skin — a common side effect of expanding skin! Do skip oily or greasy lotions and opt for super absorbent lotions, instead. Applying an hour or two before your session gives it plenty of time to soak into the skin. * be sure to bring along sunscreen + bugspary for outdoor sessions.

Get plenty of rest: make sure you feel great and ready to go the morning of your session. Treat your body to a wonderful night's rest the night before so you are feeling refreshed.

Do not come hungry: EAT! There is nothing worse than feeling hangry...try and choose something that will not make you feel sluggish. Avoid heavy foods before your session...save that for immediately after :)

Footwear: Make sure you have comfy shoes...we will not be doing lots of walking but some locations will be worth a little trek. I always check with how you are feeling to gauge where we shoot. If your comfy shoes are not stylish, long dresses can cover that...also, no shoes is always and option! (I will bring a chair along)

Hydration: I know that being preggers means more trips to the potty...I try and choose locations that have public bathrooms...or rivers ;)...water shoots are stunning btw...make sure that you are hydrated for your session and bring some water along just in case.

Last but not least…enjoy the process…use this as a time to connect with your partner, your family, and most importantly your little one on the way. maternity shoots are such a beautiful and intimate way to celebrate your motherhood. I want you to be at ease and enjoy this time. I am so excited for your session.

Much love!